People in Need Fund

From time to time persons enrolled at Inner Solutions™ find that their ability to continue therapy is compromised due to financial circumstances beyond their control.

We do our best to provide short term accommodation, but that option is not available to enough people for long enough. We do not want the work of therapy that people are engaged in to be compromised when financial circumstances impose themselves.  For the last five years or so we have accommodated 5-12 persons with short term fee adjustments, each with special circumstances.

We have also had gracious people ask how they may help provide financial support to others. For this reason, we have formally established a People in Need Fund. The fund receives money which is used to allow short term financial accommodations for eligible applicants. This fund is only for current clients of Inner Solutions™. We do not offer assistance or a sliding scale for new clients.

How You Can Help

Inner Solutions™ is not designated a ‘nonprofit organization' nor do we have a 'charitable designation.' Therefore, we are not able to provide receipts for tax purposes, which is regrettable, but not possible according to our advisors.

Should you be interested in donating to the fund, we would be pleased to speak with you in confidence to answer questions.

If you know one of the therapists,  you can speak to them directly about donating. You can also email:

Executive Director, Donna Hughes at

All enquiries will be held in strict confidence.