Drop into the Pause

Practicing any form of mindfulness can be helpful during these times. The goal of mindfulness is to bring our mind into the present moment, away from everything it gets busy worrying about, and allowing it to find calm and stillness. 

Dropping into the pause is a practice of mindful breathing. Intentionally drawing in a deep and grounding breath and exhaling it slowly helps regulate our emotions biologically. We can add to this a pause between each inhale and exhale, and between each exhale and subsequent inhale. This moment of stillness can help act as an anchor to bring our mind fully into the present moment. 

We can take this further by imagining ourselves fully ‘dropping into’ that pause, that moment of stillness. Visualizing that for just that moment alone, the entire universe around us is completely motionless. Allow ourselves to drop into each pause while breathing, having an intention of creating a calm, grounded, and mindful moment every time.  

Andrew Nicholson, Registered Psychologist