Meal Prep Myths + Facts

Myths About Meal Prep

  1. Meal Prepped food is boring.
    When you meal prep for the week you can still eat something different every day if that is what you prefer to do!
  2. Meal prep means eating the same foods seven days a week.
    We all need variety in life and variety is better for our nutrition too. If we eat the same foods every day we miss out on nutrients from other foods.
  3. Meal prep is for body builders.
    Yes, body builders do quite often meal prep because they are careful about their food intake. BUT, meal prep is also for the single person, the person with the busy schedule, the large families, and for anyone trying to eat better, save money, and have more time to spend out of the kitchen.
  4. You have to be a good cook.
    When you meal prep, recipes can be as simple or as elaborate as you want them to be.

Facts About Meal Prep

  1. Preparing your meals ahead of time can help you to eat healthier.
  2. Meal prep allows you to save time because you spend less time cooking, grocery shopping and eating at restaurants over the course of the week.
  3. Meal prep completed on one day a week can help reduce stress about what to make and eat every day and night.
  4. Meal prep will help you save money because you will not need to eat out, make multiple trips to the grocery store, buy convenience foods, and you can buy ingredients in larger quantities.
  5. Meal prep is a great chance to try out new foods and new recipes.