At Inner Solutions™, Ltd., your safety is important. Psychotherapy has been deemed an 'essential service' and therefore the new Restriction Exemption Program is not applicable to our services. This means you can continue to visit our office without needing to provide proof of vaccinations or a negative COVID-19 test.

We will continue to provide screening questions and offer virtual sessions IF there is any concern about any symptoms. We will also continue with our sanitization and physical distancing protocols.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!


We have been informed by our bank that there have been some fee processing errors for those who have used our debit/credit terminals. If this has impacted you, please email with your contact information and the details.


DBT-Linehan Board of Certification has granted Inner Solutions™ Ltd. the distinction of being a Certified DBT Program. This recognition reflects the need for accurate and full-fidelity delivery of DBT. Our mission is to assure the public they are getting the highest standards of practice when entering into a treatment protocol.

We stand on the ethical delivery and practice of empirically supported, evidence based treatments delivered from a team of determined, passionate professionals who are invested in bringing together all our knowledge to assist your struggles. 

Note: Inner Solutions™ Ltd is the only Certified DBT Program in Canada and Jessica Heil (ISL's Clinical Director and Clinical Supervisor) is the only certified DBT clinician in Alberta. 



We are delighted to announce two achievements for Travis Hauck MSW:
  1. Promotion to Senior Lead DBT Group Programming, a well-deserved position reflective of his contributions to the execution of our high-fidelity DBT groups.
  2. Qualification as Certified MBSR teacher, an accomplishment not achieved by many instructors of Mindfulness Practice, and reflective of both Travis’ and ISL’s mission and values to provide the highest standards of practice and delivery of empirically supported treatments with compassion and expertise.

Congratulations Travis!  |  From Donna Hughes, Executive Director


We are delighted to announce the latest outstanding achievement of our Associate Clinical Director, Jessica Heil, who has recently completed her DBT certification through the DBT Linehan Board of Certification (DBT-LBC ), the most stringent certification available regarding the practice of DBT. Jessica is the first psychologist in Alberta to attain this achievement. We are very proud of Jessica and the standard of treatment that she has devoted herself to, and the continued expertise that she brings to our practice.

Congratulations Jessica!  |  From Donna Hughes, Executive Director


Clients are doing the best they can; just because at times they feel overwhelmed, scared, hopeless, and that life is unmanageable doesn’t mean they are not trying. Even though clients are ‘doing the best they can at this moment in time,' they still need to learn how to change behaviours through education and support. Talking, developing insight, and having support are not sufficient in making difficult changes. Guidance, direction, and accountability are needed. Clients cannot ‘fail’ in therapy; either the time for change is not right, the therapy isn’t a right fit, or the therapist applying the treatment didn’t get it right.


Inner Solutions™ is pleased to host many events. DBT Skills (Level One, Graduate), DBT-A (Adolescent), Family and Friends, and Parent Groups. We are also offer Mindfulness and MBSR Meditation, as well as public sessions that are open to all (including the media). Click here to learn more about the group therapy we offer, or here to learn about our public sessions.

Contact us to find out upcoming event dates!


Inner Solutions™ has extensive experience with personality disorders, and are experts in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy.

Eating Disorders

We offer comprehensive treatment for disordered eating, including counselling and dietetics.

Adult Services

Inner Solutions™ offers a variety of individualized therapies to help with a wide range of issues for adults.

Teen + Family Services

Inner Solutions™ offers individualized solutions for families, both young persons and caregivers.